Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Wood?

Porcelain Tile

At Conklin Bros., we believe in giving our clients the most beautiful and unique looks, while still offering the widest possible range of options for floor coverings. Wood floors always look beautiful, but may not be practical in some households because of traffic, pets or environmental factors. Porcelain tile offers a lovely and durable finish coupled with flexibility of application that rivals any other floor covering, allowing you to find the ideal look to reflect your unique style.

Porcelain Tile floor

A Brief Guide To Porcelain Tile: How It’s Made

The secret to porcelain tile’s beauty and resilience lies in how it is created. Porcelain tile is usually made by pressing together dust from porcelain clays in much the same process used to create particle board. Unlike particle board, porcelain tiles emerge from the pressing process very hard and heavy, fine-grained and smooth, with a nearly perfectly flat face. Because of the intense pressures under which porcelain tile is produced, they typically have a very low water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. This unique property makes these tiles ideal for high-moisture areas, as well as climates that are prone to frost, because of their relative impervious to frost. In addition, they tend to be much stronger and resistant to damage and wear than other kinds of flooring, which makes them ideal for applications from light residential to heavy industrial. Porcelain tiles can be found in three primary kinds: matte, glazed and highly polished. As a result of the pressing process, some types known as “full-body” have the color and pattern of the tile throughout its entire thickness, further increasing their durability and beauty.

While porcelain tiles offer many benefits, the ones people tend to be most interested in include:

  • Durability: Whether you frequently host the kids’ soccer team or prefer a quiet night alone with a book, porcelain tiles can stand up to just about any foot traffic.
  • Aesthetic value: Unlike carpet and many other kinds of formed tiles which tend to be “one-size-fits-all,” porcelain tile offers a range of customization and looks that conventional floor coverings simply cannot match.
  • Stain Resistance: Because of the ultra-low absorptive properties of porcelain tile, whether your kids spill Kool-Aid or your guest fumbles a glass of Merlot; your floor will not stain. This also reduces worries about water damage and needing to clean up spills or leaks immediately.
  • Cleaning: Unlike many other kinds of flooring, porcelain tile does not need any special treatment or cleanup. A damp mop will clean the floor just fine.

Why Consider Porcelain Tile In Your Home?

The versatility of porcelain tile cannot be overstated, and this versatility makes porcelain tile great for just about any application. However, the best reason to consider porcelain tile is its customization. Porcelain tile makes it easy to find the perfect look for your house and showcase your personality. The San Jose Mercury News recently commented on porcelain tile and its benefits, giving it rave reviews! Marni Jameson, a contributing writer for the Mercury News, said this:

“This I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-wood flooring alternative offers a fresh, clean, sleek look in tones ranging from traditional dark brown to washed-out, weathered gray. Tougher than ceramic porcelain, wood-look tile comes in long, rectangular plank lengths. The surface won’t scratch (under normal conditions), dent, fade or ever need refinishing. It can last for decades and is water resistant, so it can work better than hardwood in basements, bathrooms and laundry areas, as well as with radiant heating beneath the flooring.”

If you are looking for floor covering that will remain vibrant and lovely as the day it was installed year after year, porcelain tile may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Our three Bay Area locations feature porcelain tile flooring from some of the best and most renowned brands in the business, all backed by the Conklin Bros. guarantee. For the best, most durable and beautiful flooring around, porcelain tile just might be the perfect choice for your home. Come visit our showrooms in San Jose, San Mateo and Fremont and let our friendly, knowledgeable staff show you how porcelain tile can enhance one room or your entire home!



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