Kitchen Flooring Essentials

With all the different kitchen flooring options to choose from, deciding which one will work best for you can be difficult. Here is what you need to know when reviewing your flooring options:

Wood fits with any decor and can last a lifetime when maintained properly. Hardwood floors are the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep clean and can be kept looking like new, year after year, with minimum care.

Laminate is durable and can handle high traffic areas, such as the kitchen. It gives you both strength and beauty. Laminate comes in a wide variety of colors to complement any decor. For those on a budget, laminate provides an alternative to hardwood.

Ceramic tile is easy to clean, durable and long lasting. Ceramic tile provides customers with a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

Vinyl flooring can be both fashionable as well as durable. Vinyl comes in a variety of colors, styles and textures to suit any customer’s needs. It is easy maintain and keep clean.

Always remember, Conklin Bros has a wonderful selection of floor covering options, regardless of what type you are looking for! Contact us today to review options for your kitchen! Our flooring specialists are available now for more information!