Conklin Bros. Looks Forward To 2016

There’s no wrong reason or bad time to freshen up your home or business’s décor, but the holidays are a time of especially heavy demand as people put “out with the old, in with the new” to work in their living and workspaces. At Conklin Bros., we’re happy to help! We’ve been serving the Bay Area for over 136 years with carpet, hardwood, tile, LVP, Vinyl and Laminate. Conklin Bros has evolved into one of the premier destinations for home and business flooring makeovers on the West Coast.

Despite our growth and change, we still believe in old-fashioned customer care and service at every step of the decision, purchase, installation and care process. Some things don’t and shouldn’t change even if the calendar does. We keep to the old way of doing business with our clients and friends, starting with our industry-leading guarantees on most floor covering. If you don’t love it, let us know within 60 days and we’ll change it! Even better, we guarantee the quality and workmanship of our installation. So you can buy from us with confidence that the job will be done right the first time, every time.

While hard numbers on home improvement in California for the past several years are not known, we have noticed a sharp upturn in clients interested in new floor coverings during home renovations or updates. This suggests that remodeling, architectural and decorating overhauls are on the rise and becoming more popular by the day. One of the most common questions we get concerns what can be done about areas that don’t necessarily lend themselves well to wall-to-wall carpet or where a more eclectic mixture of feels is desired. Fortunately, we’re proud to be able to say we have the answer!

Conklin Bros. does something very few other floor covering companies in the area do. We offer custom area rugs to give rooms, hallways and public spaces more flair and comfort! We can create a custom area rug to create a bold focal point or a comfortable place to curl up by the fireplace with a book. Available in a wide range of colors, styles, textures and sizes. These area rugs are a great solution for high-traffic areas because they’re typically easier to clean and replace than traditional wall-to-wall carpet and allow for more aesthetic mixing and matching.

As you can see, now’s a great time to take another look at your home or office and consider ways you can give it a breath of fresh air in the form of new décor. What better place to start than your floor coverings? Conklin Bros. offers a wide selection of internationally renowned floor coverings suitable for any application or need, allowing you to get the great look you want and keep yourself and your floors one step ahead of whatever life throws your way.

Whatever your holiday plans or goals for 2016, we at Conklin Bros. want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families, loved ones and employees a safe, happy and prosperous holiday season. We look forward to getting to know you better in the coming year, and to serving you with the finest floor coverings in the Bay Area! To learn more about custom area rugs, our suppliers of premium floor coverings or to arrange a consultation or installation for your home, come visit us at any of our three Bay Area showrooms; call us at (800) 750-2250; or click here to contact us by email. Let Conklin Bros. give you the new look you’ve been dreaming of for the New Year ahead!