How Your Home’s High-Traffic Areas Can Affect the Appearance of Your Hardwood Floor


Beautiful hardwood floors are a great way to add a touch of style to your home. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are also relatively easy to care for and designed to last for years on end. Following a few guidelines will ensure that the hardwood floor in your home never needs replacement.

It is especially important to care for floors in high-traffic areas. Here is how heavy traffic can affect the appearance of your hardwood floor and how you can prevent damage:

Wearing Out the Finish

In high-traffic areas, the hardwood floor in your home is more likely to wear out its protective finish. This is due both to higher levels of use and the resulting need to clean the floor more often. Be sure you select appropriate hardwood flooring cleaners and that you have your floors resealed and finished when necessary.

Small Dust Scratches

The dirt and dust that is brought into your home needs to be cleaned up as often as possible. Even the smallest dust particles can scratch up the surface of your hardwood floor when walked on and pushed around your home. Small scratches encourage additional dust buildup as the dirt is caught in the scratched areas of the floor. Make it a habit to sweep or vacuum daily and consider laying an area rug to protect your hardwood flooring.

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