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Where Can You Install Hardwood?

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Our hardwood floors can basically be installed in almost any type of room in a residential or commercial building. They can also withstand varying degrees of wear and tear.

The amount of wear a hardwood floor will be subjected to will, of course, depend on where it is installed. In high traffic areas the floor has to take rough treatment, while in other interiors, such as homes, people are more careful about their flooring. With this in mind, we can establish three main application areas for hardwood flooring according to the amount of wear and the performance requirements.

Normal Traffic

This category of wear usually applies to all rooms in the home, except by the entrance where people walk directly onto the hardwood floor from outside. Hardwood floors in homes should be routinely maintained with dry cleaning methods (vacuuming, sweeping, or dust mopping).

Light to Moderate Traffic

This category includes certain entrances in homes, offices, small assembly areas, conference rooms, locales for ballet dancing or light gymnastics, day care centers, and stores (above ground).

Clean the light to moderate traffic floor more often. Many floors can be restored.

Heavy Traffic

By “heavy traffic” we mean rooms where foot traffic is heavy, such as dance floors, restaurants, employee dining areas, service centers, showrooms, stores, church rooms, large assembly halls, and auditoriums. Maintenance in such areas include the use of Harris-Tarkett Crystal Clear Cleaner and Refresher when finish appears dull. Additional top coats may be necessary in some “heavy traffic” areas.

Check with finish manufacturers’ recommendations for proper application procedures and warranty information.

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