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What Does Your Floor Say About You?

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At first, you may not pay much attention to it. You come home, throw your coat over the armchair, slip your shoes off, and, it’s about at that moment when you realize – oh, wow…we could use better floors. Upgrading a floor can set trends as well as moods.

Floors are like the base of your room’s decor. Often times overlooked, your floor can help set the tone for your room, as well as aide in making it feel like home. Whether its smooth hardwoods that remind you of growing up, or sleek tile that creates a modern feel, your floor can actually alleviate the stresses of your day. Think about how wonderful it would be sinking into a nice, plush, carpet after a hard day of work.

Choosing which floor covering is best for you and your home can be a little overwhelming. With so many options such as laminate, tile, vinyl, hardwood and carpet, narrowing down which choice is best may need the help of an expert.

Conklin Bros is always on hand to assist with just such a task. With flooring options for your home or office, you’ll make better decisions seeing the samples in your space. Contact one of Conklin Bros flooring specialists today for information on how you can view your flooring options with Conklin’s Mobile Showroom, where the store comes to you! Call 1-800-750-2250 and get an appointment scheduled today!

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