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Vinyl Backing

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how-vinyl-flooring-is-made-conklin-brosThere are two types of construction, typically described by the type of backing:

Felt represents over 90% of vinyl sheet floors sold today.

Fiberglass is a newer construction format. Fiberglass is the “cushiest” form of vinyl flooring and offers the most installation options.

The uppermost layers for both types are identical (as shown in the picture):

A.   Protective Top Coat:  Urethane or other high-performance top coats which make the product easy to clean and resist scratches and scuffs.

B.   Protective Clear Vinyl Layer:  Adds durability and helps protect against rips, tears and gouges. The thicker this layer, the better the performance. The flooring’s appearance retention and general durability is largely dependent on the quality and thickness of the clear wear layer.

C.   Printed Vinyl Design Layer: The rotogravure printing process offers an unlimited range of patterns and designs, including very realistic interpretations of natural materials.  

The bottom layers for both constructions differ:

D.  Felt: Felt bottom layer that adheres to the subfloor.

D.  Fiberglass: A fiberglass structural layer makes the product more dimensionally stable (will not curl, allows it to lay flat, and install without glue). A cushiony vinyl backing provides added underfoot comfort.

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