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Conklin Bros. HardwoodToday’s pre-finished hardwoods are far superior in performance to hardwood that is installed unfinished, then stained, sanded and sealed in place. A wide variety of woods is available and today’s manufacturing process allows for deep, beautiful finishes, from sleek and modern to distressed. So you can get just the look you want.

The surface sealers used for prefinished floors are industrial strength; they’re harder than those approved for in-home installations, so they provide many more years of lasting beauty.

What’s more, installation can happen in a day versus a week or more. There is no sawdust mess, no stinky chemicals and no curing period.

Conklin Brothers Bamboo Flooring

Don’t be bamboozled by poor-quality bamboo.

Bamboo is popular and “green” hardwood option. But lots of bamboo on the market is not as hard or as green as you might think. The market has been flooded with low-quality bamboo that has been harvested prematurely. The caustic chemicals required to break it down are disastrous to the environment.

Conklin Bros only carries high-quality bamboo made from mature plants by reputable manufacturers.

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