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When Mud Runs Through It

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Summer comes with sunshine, water activities and yes, at times, lots of mud. Depending on what type of outdoor activity your family gets into, the mudroom can take a beating. Not only does the mud get carried in and sometimes tracked throughout the house, but, the floor itself can get stained , worn down, and look terrible quickly.


So! How do you know which flooring is best? Tile is a great option because it does not stain and is very easy to clean. Since tile isn’t as complicated to work with, it can also be installed within a day or during a weekend project. Another option is a rubber floor. This option is more economical and durable and offers a variety of color options to choose from.


Before you start any flooring project, the first step should be to take a visit to Conklin Bros. Floorcovering is an important decision. After all, your floors are the most used and abused part of your house. And most of us will live with our flooring for many, many years. So you want to make the best decision for your budget and your lifestyle.


We want you to be completely thrilled with your flooring decision, as well as with your Conklin Bros experience– our showrooms, our products, our sales consultants and our installers. Our huge selection of flooring options will give you all the possible choices and our knowledgeable staff will aide you in discovering the best floor for your needs. Visit our showroom today or call (800) 750-2250 and start your decorating now!

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