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Laminate for the 21st Century

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While capturing all the beauty of hardwoods, laminate floors are both durable and easy to maintain. The durable construction of laminate floors does not have many of the same drawbacks as hardwood floors, such as staining, warping or buckling and the Aluminum Oxide coated surface gives it a high degree of scratch resistance that is suited to high traffic areas in your home. Laminate is perfect for the busy household with kids and pets on the move.
Fortunately, laminate flooring can now offer many of these character building qualities, but without the drawbacks. Laminate design has come a long way over the past few years. As demand has grown, so has the selection. New advances have brought laminate more inline with fashion trends. Some recent advances include:

  • Laminate Flooring design now offers a greater number of wood species. Floors are now available with textured surfaces that mimic real wood grain such as Handscraped and Square & bevel edge.
  • Get a brand new floor that looks like it is 100 years old.
  • With an explosion of color, whether your taste is rustic or modern, there is a color to match your taste and budget.
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