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Installing Laminate Over Other Flooring Types

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Laminate flooring is a floating floor, and thus can be installed over other flooring types. A floating floor is not fixed to the sub floor; instead the boards are connected to each other with the use of a tongue and grove locking mechanism. This results in the floor floating over the sub floor.

Due to its floating floor construction, laminate can be installed over existing vinyl, hardwood and tile.

NOTE: Laminate floors cannot be installed over existing carpet or an existing floating floor.

When installing laminate over existing flooring, it is important to ensure that the existing floor is fixed solidly to the sub floor, as any loose flooring will result in deficiencies in the laminate floor installation. Loose tiles and hardwood planks must be reaffixed to the sub floor prior to installing the new laminate floor.

Whereas other types of hard flooring such as hardwood or vinyl can be laid over an undulating subfloor, laminate flooring requires a subfloor that is relatively level in comparison. Before laying your new laminate floor over any existing floor, ensure that the existing floor is free of major undulations as this will result in movement of the laminate boards when stepped on.

NOTE: Seeing or feeling minor movement underfoot is considered normal. This is the result of subfloor deflection and is a normal characteristic for this type of floating installation.

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