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HPL Construction

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HPL Construction

HPL (high pressure laminate)

The “Mercedes” among laminate floorings due to its extremely resistant surface. HPL floorings are made-up of overlay, decor paper, several soda Kraft papers, the substrate and a backing. These components are pressed together under heat and pressure in two stages. In the first stage the overlay, decor paper and soda Kraft papers are pressed together to form a layer (HPL). In the second stage the HPL layer is then glued onto the substrate, whereby, for reasons of stress symmetry, a backing is attached to the back of the element. Following a cooling phase the panels are added to a profiling line where they are cut to the required panel size and are profiled. HPL floorings are produced with a Click or Loc system.

HPL laminate flooring: the high-pressure laminate

Three-stage process – high-pressure laminate production

  1. Overlay
  2. Decor paper
  3. Core layers
  4. Laminate layer 0.6 millimeter hard-wearing, easy-care surface
  5. HDF wooden core substrate, the heart of the laminate flooring
  6. Backing layer laminate moisture retarding backing for dimensional stabilization

1st operation

  • 2 layers of overlay
  • 1 layer of decor paper
  • 3 core layers are pressed together under pressure to form a decor laminate

2nd operation

  • 1 layer backing paper
  • 3 core layers are pressed together under pressure to form a backing laminate.

3rd operation

  • Decor laminate
  • Backing laminate are pressed together to form high-pressure laminate.
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