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Home Construction & Remodeling: How to Buy Carpet

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One of the most durable, yet fragile parts of your home is the carpeting.  Carpets are meant to stand up to being tread on day and night and endure minor spills, mud, and dirt.  At the same time, however, one bad spill or a pair of scissors in the hands of a young child can destroy your carpet.  This means that, on occasion, you may need to go out and purchase new carpeting for your home.

This video details how to go about buying carpeting.  Get all the tips you need for buying new carpet from an expert in this great, short video.

If you need carpet in the San Francisco Bay Area, then come see us at Conklin Bros.  We can take care of all of your carpeting needs, as well as provide you with the knowledge gained from being in the business since 1880.  If you want a new carpet or any other flooring, then come to us first!

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