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DPL Construction

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DPL ConstructionDPL (direct pressed laminate)

DPL laminate flooring is the most common type of laminate flooring. DPL floorings have the following build-up: Overlay, decor paper, substrate and backing. During manufacture these four laminate flooring components are pressed together under pressure and heat to form starter panels (basic panels) and after a cooling phase are forwarded to the profiling process. Here the panels are cut to the required panel size and are profiled. DPL floorings are produced with the Click system (sometimes also called the Loc system).

DPL laminate flooring: the direct lamination

The direct lamination – all four components are pressed in a single step

1. Overlay: resistant special coating, hard-wearing, easy-care surface
2. Decor paper: Visual effect through decor
3. HDF: Wooden core substrate, the heart of the laminate flooring
4. Backing layer: moisture retarding backing for dimensional stabilization 

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