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Do You Remember What Good Service Is?

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In this day and age of big box companies and supersized products, good service has been replaced with fast turnover. Sure – you may be in and out in a jiffy at most places, but, where has the service gone? When was the last time you had a question about an item you were about to purchase and someone was ACTUALLY around to answer it? Better yet – when was the last time an expert was on hand to guide you through your best options and help you buy the exact item you needed?

Good service shouldn’t be a bonus nor a gift with purchase. Good service should expected. It should be as much a part of a consumer’s experience as the atmosphere itself. That’s why we have a guarantee. Since 1880, Conklin Bros. has had a simple business standard – guaranteed products and work, so installations are done right. If there’s a problem, they’ll fix it. Period. Call 800-750-2250 and see what good service feels like!

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