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Cleaning Tile Floors

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  • Reduce the likelihood of spills turning into stains by wiping them up immediately.
  • Scrub tough stains with a nylon brush or nonabrasive nylon pad. Don’t use steel wool since it can scratch the tile and leave rust stains.
  • If your tiles seem to stain easily, seal them. Unglazed tiles and stone are most likely to stain if not sealed.
  • Some grouts also stain easily. Seal just the grout if your floor doesn’t need to be sealed.
  • For stone, a poultice will sometimes work. Mix up a paste of a powdered material such as plaster of paris with a liquid cleaning agent such as water or a mild hydrogen-peroxide solution. Spread the paste on the stain and cover it with plastic. Let it dry for a day or two, then brush it off. Ask your dealer what products to use for your stone.

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