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Caring for Penetrating Sealer or Wax Finishes

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Vacuum and/or dust mop routinely.

Vacuuming is the best way to remove surface dust and dirt before it gets “walked into” the wax and dulls its luster. Vacuuming also pulls accumulated dust from the grooves of prefinished and plank floors.

When floor luster has dulled a bit and scuff marks begin to show, buff with a machine or by hand to restore luster and polish out scuffs.

After four to six months of wear, inspect your floors closely to see if there’s been a dirt build-up or if the wax has discolored. If your floors were originally finished in a dark tone, you may see a lightening of the finish in traffic areas. After vacuuming and before any other procedure, buff an area, if the shine is not restored, apply a new thin coat of wax. Buff well to restore the luster.

Smaller areas of floors finished with a penetrating sealer and/or wax can be repaired and re-waxed more easily than floors finished with a surface finish.

For smaller areas with imbedded dirt, abused areas, and lightened areas in traffic lanes, use a liquid cleaner or cleaner/wax combination. Remember, make sure the products are solvent rather than water base. The label may say it contains naptha or petroleum distillate. Follow directions. For dark floors, choose a product in a compatible dark color. Spread it with steel wool. Rub to remove grime and the old wax, then wipe clean. Let floor dry. Buff if cleaner/wax combination was used or re-wax and buff if not. When using paste wax, wrap in a “wad” of cloth and apply an even thin coat. The warmth of your hand and rubbing friction melts the wax for proper application. If dull spots remain after drying, apply a second coat to dull areas and repeat.

For general deep cleaning of excessively dirty floors, and refurbishing an entire floor to restore to near original conditions, use the liquid cleaners or restorers applied per directions with steel wool pads and a commercial buffer (15″ – 17″ diameter). Follow with waxing using either a paste or liquid using the same buffer for final polishing.

If your floors are stained (colored), it’s a good idea always to use a colored wax or cleaner to help maintain the original color. The best place for obtaining hardwood floor care products is your local dealer, which handles floor finishing products.

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