Unlike many other consumer and household goods, carpets don’t have an expiration date. However, your carpets do give telltale signs that it might be time to consider a change. Some of these include:

· The carpet in your home was last updated in 1978.

· Stains and odors won’t come out.

· The carpet shows areas of excessive wear.

· The carpet is discolored.

· Your current carpet doesn’t match the design aesthetic you’re looking for.

Most carpets have an active lifespan of 5-15 years, although some are warranted up to 20 years. Factors that may influence a given carpet’s longevity include the overall quality, construction, type of carpet, location in the home and the thickness of the carpet pad beneath. Heavier-traffic areas will generally be subject to more staining, wear and tear than carpet in a bedroom, such as hallways and family rooms. If your carpets are showing any of these signs, it’s time to consider a change.

Choosing A Replacement Carpet

The best replacement carpet for one application may not be the best for another. An appropriate carpet for a mud room or hallway may not necessarily be right for your bedroom. A number of things to consider when choosing a replacement carpet include:

· What room or rooms are you placing it in? What are the traffic demands you’ll be placing on the carpet? This may be the single most crucial factor in your carpet choice, because this will influence every other facet of the carpet you select.

· Is it stain-resistant? This is more important for light-colored carpets or homes with young children who are prone to spill food, juice, etc.

· What is the estimated lifetime of the carpet? If you like to “freshen up” your home every so often, a carpet with a shorter lifespan may be better for you than one that’s rated to last longer.

· How deep is the pile (the part of the carpet you put your feet on)? A deeper pile is better for family areas and bedrooms, but usually not for foyers and hallways because deeper piles are more subject to abrasion from retained dust, dirt and other particles. This can make your carpet look faded, lifeless and limp before its time.

· How does the intended carpet match your vision for your home renovations? The color, texture and depth of the carpet can make a huge difference in where your room’s visual center is located and where the eyes of visitors are drawn when they walk in.

If all this sounds like a lot of work, it’s really not as bad as you might be thinking. However, if you’re not sure what your next step ought to be, Conklin Bros. can help! We bring over 100 years of experience in selecting, installing and caring for the finest floor coverings to every job