Glass tiles add elegance, style, and personality to your home. So, if you’re constructing a new house or renovating a new room, you might want to consider them. But before having them installed, it’s best to learn more about glass tiles. Factors such as cost, benefits, and installation will help you decide whether they’re suited to your needs. Read on to learn more.

Glass Tile Benefits
Since most glass tiles are translucent, they can reflect light and make a space look bigger and brighter. They also require little maintenance, and most often, all you need to do to clean any dirt or spills is to wipe them off with soap and water. Besides that, glass is also resistant to moisture, so mold or mildew won’t easily build up.

If you are looking for eco-friendly tiles, glass is an ideal choice. While you can find tiles made from already recycled materials, you can also rest assured that the ones you’ll be installing may be repurposed for future use.

Glass Tile Cost and Installation
Compared to other types of tiles, glass is a bit more expensive. So, if you’re looking for a more affordable flooring or backsplash option, it might not be the best choice. Despite that, you may still use glass tiles and stay on a budget. Since they work together with ceramic tiles, you may integrate both materials for your project.

Proper installation of glass tiles may come with various challenges. Because most types are opaque, cutting them and choosing the right adhesive and grout to use are crucial. Although installing glass tiles may be possible on your own, hiring a professional installer is most beneficial. Aside from ensuring a smooth and careful installation, it may also save you from potential costs in case of any mistakes or damage during a DIY tiling process.

Hire a Professional Tile Installer
Learning more about glass tiles will help you decide whether they’re the best choice for your home. If you need help with installation, reach out to an expert. Contact us at Conklin Brothers in San Jose, Dublin, and San Mateo, CA for quality floorings and installation services.