Carpet can be a great addition to any home. Unlike other types of flooring, carpet gives homeowners a sense of warmth and security that can only be found in the comfort of soft fabric flooring. Different carpet-making techniques result in a variety of different styles that allow homeowners to find the perfect carpet to match their home. Here are some tips for choosing between the different carpet styles:

  • Protect Highly-Used Areas. The main walkways of the house are typically considered high-traffic areas because they see the most foot traffic. This is especially true for the section of carpet immediately adjacent to outer doors. It’s important to protect these areas because they can suffer from damage and discoloration. Frieze-style carpeting is a great choice for high-traffic areas due to its tightly twisted tufts that can stand up to the test. Level loop-style carpeting is another great choice because it also has a highly durable construction.
  • Consider Comfort. Many homeowners choose carpet because it offers more comfort than tile and other hard-surfaced flooring. It’s important to consider where you want the most comfort in the house. Saxony-style carpeting has a classic and even look that makes it great for formal settings. The smooth and luxurious surface offered by this style is perfect for adding elegance to any room.
  • Don’t Forget Convenience! While it’s important for your home’s flooring to look great, it’s also important that it be easy to maintain. Carpet that is easy to clean offers homeowners a great deal of convenience. Texture-style carpet features curls and twists that make it very strong while still remaining very comfortable. Unlike other styles, texture carpeting easily masks footprints and vacuum lines.

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