The Conklin Bros. Guarantee!

With over eleven decades in the flooring installation and repair business, we take our reputation seriously. Part of that reputation is making sure our customers are completely satisfied with the work and how their home looks after we’re done. This is how we started in 1880, when Conklin Bros. hauled carpet from Bay Area homes to the main plant for steam cleaning using mule-drawn wagons, and the tradition continues to this day. Even though our focus has shifted from carpet cleaning to retail floor covering, we still believe that if our clients aren’t happy, neither are we!

Because of this, we take a lot of pride in having some of the strongest guarantees and warranties in the industry. It’s the attention to detail we bring to every job that keep our clients coming back to us year after year and home after home, and we reflect that attention in the lengths we’re willing to go to in ensuring customer satisfaction. One of our flagship guarantees is the free do-over, something very few other companies offer. With this guarantee, if you’re not happy with your floor covering within 30 days of the original installation, we’ll redo the whole thing one time!

Our great array of guarantees include:

• Residential Carpet Satisfaction Guarantee

• Residential Hard Surface Flooring Satisfaction Guarantee

• Residential Materials & Workmanship Guarantee

We will discuss each of these in greater detail shortly.

Residential Carpet Satisfaction Guarantee

Sometimes something that looks great in the showroom doesn’t hold up once you get it home. Anyone who’s bought a piece of clothing in a store only to be disappointed when they put it on to go out will understand this. At Conklin Bros., we understand how this can happen, and we’re ready to make it right with a carpet installation of equal value to the original! Some restrictions apply, so be sure to ask your sales associate for all the details on this program.

Residential Hard Surface Flooring Satisfaction Guarantee

Just like carpet, hardwood or vinyl flooring may look beautiful in the showroom but not come together in your home the way you’d hoped. If this is the case, no problem! We will replace the flooring with a comparable type and style of floor covering. Visit our showroom for more information on this program.

Residential Materials & Workmanship Guarantee

At Conklin Bros., we take our responsibility to provide great floor coverings seriously. This extends to the materials and workmanship employed in the installation. If it isn’t right after we install it, we’ll make it right! Click here for more information and to learn about limitations and applicable restrictions.

Free Do-Over

You see the “perfect” carpet. You order it up. We come and install it. Then you realize the bluebell you thought would complement your decorating accents really needed to be cornflower. With our free do-over, this is no problem! If, within 30 days of purchase, you aren’t happy with the floor covering you’ve chosen, we’ll replace it for you. There are some limits on this guarantee, so be sure to ask your sales associate how the program works.

At Conklin Bros., customer service isn’t just a buzzword to entice people to come in. It’s a tradition and way of life for us. This is why we’ve implemented industry-leading guarantees that few other retail floor covering vendors can match. For your next home makeover, let Conklin Bros. get you the perfect floor at a great price with a little extra peace of mind. Visit our Bay Area showrooms for more information on these programs and to see our terrific selection of vinyl, hardwood and carpet floor coverings!