For over a century Conklin Bros. has been serving the Bay Area with beautiful, long-lasting floor coverings for residential use and commercial use. Unlike residential installation, commercial floor covering contracts come with a unique set of requirements and concerns that have to be addressed. Not only do the floor coverings have to the added traffic and abuse of a commercial setting, but everything from scheduling the installation to working around the particular requirements of a given setting have to be taken into account.

Examples of Commercial Installation

Churches, Temples and Mosques: Because of their public nature and religious significance, installing carpet in any holy place requires special planning. Everyone from infants to the elderly congregate inside those walls for baptisms, weddings and funerals, and we have to work around special events as well as regular services.

Schools: Schools require special planning as well. We want to avoid trip hazards and other problems for children and staff alike, which usually means after-hours assessment and installation. In addition, schools have special security concerns.

Hospitals: Hospitals have their own security issues, and there is the added problem of ensuring the floor coverings we install minimize any possibility of injury or transmission of pathogens.

High-Tech Commercial Buildings: This could mean anything from a computer parts factory to a call center or an advanced meat-packing plant. Because of the proprietary nature of what transpires within these buildings, rigid security protocols are often a primary factor that must be dealt with. Additionally, we have to make sure the floor coverings are appropriate for the setting to help reduce potential hazards. We must also be mindful of when the peak traffic times are in the building so as not to unnecessarily hamper operations.

Restaurants: Restaurants have peak hours of operation, limiting how and when we can perform installations. Like hospitals and other public buildings, health code concerns must also be addressed.

Public Buildings: Courthouses, police stations, city offices and other public buildings each have their own special requirements and scheduling considerations. These jobs present special challenges because of the security that is frequently involved, especially in police stations and courthouses.

Clubs and Theaters: Making sure the floor covering is durable enough to stand up to traffic, spilled drinks and food and regular wear and tear can be tricky. Even more complex is arranging the right time and day to install the floor covering, so patrons and personnel can move around freely.

Why Choose Conklin Bros.?

At Conklin Bros., we bring over 100 years of experience and craftsmanship to every installation we undertake. From late-night installations to early-morning carpet tear-out, Conklin Bros. can help your business put its best face forward with floor coverings tailored not only to the physical needs of your building but also to the aesthetic you want to show the world. It’s this care and attention to detail that has made Conklin Bros. the preferred commercial flooring contractor in the Bay Area. Click here or visit our three Bay Area showrooms for more information!