Conklin Bros. is proud to feature Alterna luxury vinyl tile. Called “LVT” for short, this floor covering blends the beautiful natural look of stone, marble or wood, the geometric precision of tile and the durability and water-resistant capabilities of vinyl flooring. Alterna LVT offers many benefits for the private homeowner, industrial applications and corporate spaces, as you can see from the video. Conklin Bros. has been serving the Bay Area for over a century, and Alterna gives us one more high-tech way to provide a gorgeous classic look to any space. In this video, Jason is installing the Armstrong Alterna “Mesa Stone” Chocolate D4109 tile.Rae Hanson From Conklin Bros

Benefits of luxury Vinyl Tile

Pictured above is Conklin Bros. Rae Hanson showing us the the Armstrong Alterna “Mesa Stone” Chocolate D4109 tile.

-Alterna retains heat better than tile, keeping your home and feet warmer

-Alterna offers the same great look as the classic floor you want at a fraction of the price

-Superior water resistance and protection

-Easy care and clean-up

-Ideal for nearly any room and any floor, unlike conventional floor coverings

-Available in a variety of styles and tile patterns


One of the greatest advantages of LVT is that it can be applied just about anywhere. In the video , we see Jason from Conklin Bros. installing LVT in a local corporate office. As Jason explains, there are some steps that go into laying this floor covering properly.

To get started:

  • The existing floor covering should be removed and irregularities in the subfloor removed as much as possible. LVT is more forgiving of irregularities in the base than stone or ceramic tile, but the flatter the surface, the better the end result will look.
  • The area should be clean and as free of dirt, debris and leftover adhesive deposits from the previous floor covering as possible.
  • Make sure to measure carefully and establish your layout before you begin laying the LVT down. This will help ensure that you match the LVT to the dimensions of the area and reduce cutting when you get to the walls, as well as giving the finished product a cleaner, more professional look.


Installation: It’s best left to the Pro’s, but the basic procedure is all followed.

  • You can lay LVT with or without grout. If you decide not to use grout, you will need an adhesive to secure the tile to the floor.
  • Once you have measured and established the pattern you want to work with in the room, start by applying the binding medium (grout, thinset or glue) directly to the floor.
  • Work the binding medium with the trowel.
  • Apply the tile, taking care to place it flush against any corners, walls or other tiles.
  • Install spacers to maintain a uniform distance.
  • Check the installation with the bubble level.

When working in tight or oddly shaped spaces, cut the tile to fit. Remember, measure twice, cut once!

The nice thing about LVT is that it installs in about half the time it takes to put in conventional tile. Note that the binding medium may need time to cure before you can place furniture, appliances or heavy traffic on the floor. Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for both the LVT and the binding medium you choose.

Armstrong has long been considered an industry leader in premium-quality floor coverings. Conklin Bros. is pleased to be one of the Bay Area’s most trusted sources for LVT and other floor coverings from Armstrong. For more information about LVT, to see the patterns and styles available or to schedule installation, we invite you to contact us here, call us at (800) 750-2250 or visit one of our three Bay Area showroom locations. We also offer tips, tricks and tactics to make your LVT installation easy and pain-free. Come see our selection of premium Alterna LVT from Armstrong and let us show you why Conklin Bros. has been a trusted name in floor coverings around the area for more than 100 years!

Conklin Bros Luxury Vinyl Tile