When choosing flooring for your home, there are many options to consider. Your flooring does much more than just serve as a place to walk; it can also add to both the comfort and design of your home. Laminate floors are one of the most popular choices for the home because of its strength and versatility. Some of the rooms that can benefit from laminate flooring include:

  • Bathrooms
    Laminate flooring is perfect for your home’s bathrooms because of its many beneficial characteristics. Bathroom floors are constantly being exposed to water from both the sink and the bathtub, leaving a risk for water damage. Laminate flooring is very moisture-resistant, meaning it can stand up to the constant water exposure. With so many different color options available, you’ll be able to find the perfect laminate flooring to match your bathroom’s décor.
  • Kitchen
    This part of the house is commonly affected by spills and stains. Thanks to the plastic coating found in many laminate flooring options, spills are no longer a worry! Laminate flooring allows for easy clean-up, making it a perfect companion for the kitchen. This type of flooring is also very durable against scratches—other types of flooring can be damaged by falling utensils or other kitchen tools, but laminate flooring does a much better job of staying strong.
  • Basement
    Whether it serves as a work room, a play room, or just a place with extra storage, the basement is an important part of the house that needs durable flooring. Laminate flooring can fit in well with any basement, instantly improving its appearance and adding a more home-like feel. This type of flooring is durable, scratch-resistant, and incredibly low-maintenance, meaning you won’t have to worry about breaking a sweat while cleaning.

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