At Conklin Bros., we value informed customers. The right floor covering is not always an easy choice, because there’s so much to consider! Asking questions and seeking out factual information about floor coverings an important first step in making sure you get a look for your home you’re going to love for years to come. Our president, Rick Oderio, sat down on Facebook for a new monthly chat session with people who had burning questions about all things floor. Let’s take a look!


Q. Do you carry the latest line of Shaw stainproof [carpet]?

Rick: We carry it in the Tuftex line. We have all the newest yarn technologies, including Dupont SmartStrand.

Q. Do you recommend installing laminate floor on top of hardwood?

Rick: We have had many successful installations installing laminate directly over existing flooring. Without seeing and checking the condition of the existing hardwood, there is no way to determine if it is suitable for an overlay installation. Some of the main issues are: the height increase of the flooring. Will it cause issues at doorways or possibly trap in appliances making them difficult to remove? Is the current installation down solid and relatively smooth?

Q. Can a distressed engineered floor be refinished?

Rick: Depends on the thickness of the wear layer. Another consideration is the loss of beveling at the edges. Is board replacement an option?

This person stated they were asking out of curiosity, as a general-knowledge question. Which is perfectly fine! Just because the information isn’t immediately useful doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future.

Q. Do you sell outdoor tile?

Rick: We do indeed. We have a wide variety of floor coverings to suit just about any surface, environment, look or need.


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