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4 Tips for Redesigning Your Home Flooring

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Flooring: It’s the most used feature of your house, and probably the least appreciated. You drop things on it, your pets track things on it, and you walk all over it. Despite this under-appreciation, almost nothing can completely change the look and feel of room like redesigning the flooring. Whether it iscarpet, tile, or hardwood, the floor can set the tone for the whole room. Here are four tips to help you redesign your home’s floor.

1. Decide what material you want

Hardwood, ceramic tile, carpet—the choices are seemingly endless. Decide what kind of material you want to replace your old flooring with and then do some research. Learn how to maintain it, how to clean it, if it gets particularly slippery when wet. Remember to be practical—sometimes, the material that appeals to you aesthetically just won’t work for your home.

2. Decide what color and hue will match the rest of the room

Understand that the floor is as much a part of the room’s design as the sofa or the wall color. If you install new flooring that is at odds with the rest of the room, then you may have to redecorate or pull up the floor again.

3. Bring back samples

Using samples is the key to understanding what looks good in a room. Maybe that bright green carpet with purple polka dots looked great in the store, but in your home it clashes with your great grandmother’s antique rocking chair.

4. Clean your old floor before tearing it up

Make sure you’ve vacuumed and/or mopped the old flooring before pulling it up. Once it’s off, vacuum the floor beneath it. This can help stop allergens from spreading into the air as well as other potential hygienic issues.

If you’re thinking about installing new floors in your home, then come see us at Conklin Bros. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been taking care of your flooring needs since 1880. We can help you with your carpeting, hardwood, tile, and vinyl floors. Come see us today!

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